Creating Connection in Bali

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And here we have something special: step outside your everyday life. Relax and reconnect with yourself or your partner in a quiet paradise on the Balinese north coast.
I lived in Indonesia, speak the language and know and love the country and its people.
I will work with you in daily sessions on your individual topics, as a couple or small group.

Guided meditation, yoga and soothing massages are available onsite. Indonesian cuisine, inspiring encounters and small excursions to exciting places are arranged: everything that nourishes your body, mind and soul.

The trip can be arranged when at least four participants register. Time and duration is determined by mutual agreement. Travel expenses and accommodation reserved by me (half or all inclusive), is to be paid separately from my therapeutic services which are billed according to my regular rates and times. If you have additional questions or require assistance in further planning your trip, I am available for personal consultation.

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I work in both languages, English and German, and am available for sessions via Skype.