...and something special: REFUELING IN BALI 


for Individuals, Couples or a small Group.  Quitting daily routine. Recharging batteries. Refueling energy.  Recovering. Perceiving in a new way. Creating good connections: the location feels like paradise  at the northern balinese coastline. I lived in Indonesia, I speak the language, I know and love the country and the people.


accompany  you individually or with your partner or as a small group for one week with daily sessions and meditations.Yoga and massages can be booked additionally on-site.  Fresh indonesian cuisine, inspiring encounters and little excursions to special locations: you will get everything to nourish your soul and body.



Next date: March 2019



  • Opening inner doors  to widen the perspective.
  • Looking at things more closely.
  • Sweeping out the unnecessecary.
  • Being brave to also enter turbulent waters.
  • Enjoying the peace and clearness after the storm. 
  • Entering new landscapes.




The journey takes place  with the minimum of 4 participants. The exakt date will be synchronized with all participants. Don't hesitate to ask for more information. I will support you planning the whole trip with pleasure. 


Travel expenses and accommodation are payable independently of whether my support is as therapist or as a coach. The price is based on my regular fee rates corresponding to time spent.