You got stuck in a challenging phase of your life?


A crisis means loosing balance. Feeling stuck in our relationship, conflicts with family members or colleagues, the experiences of losses like separation, divorce or death of those we love, a severe illness, an accident:   any kind of crisis throws us out of balance and can even be experienced as existentially threatful.


Individual therapy supports and stabilizes while going through these kind of turmoil. It also helps to lay open repeating life patterns and redefine them positively.  It helps to recognize: I am not „being lived“, but can actively influence life myself by completely taking over responsibility. The benefit: growing authenticity, regaining vitality, expanding satisfaction and inner freedom.


Gestalt Therapy is the basis for my work with individuals. It belongs to the classic humanistic therapy approaches. Gestalt therapy is embossed by confidence in our general human ability to continuously discover new individual answers to life`s challenges.  Creatively and playfully we can explore and experience our inside world outside. 


In my work with clients I also integrate systemic and energetic approaches.


I offer you orientation and support in

  • mastering a current crisis as a source of power
  • recognizing your outworn patterns
  • heraldingchange of perspective
  • feeling the joy of life again
  • experiencing sensing
  • developing a loving and secure connection with your partner



A respectful  stance and a widened perspective upon oneself  are the ideal door openers to release blockades and reach a balanced state. Life can start flowing again.