You have an issue in a professional context?


You are faced with a stressful situation at work? You are considering a professional reorientation? You are on the verge of accepting new challenging duties? You are battling for improved compatibility of job and family? You are about to retire and are thus entering into a completely new phase of your life? You are looking for a solution to another specific concern?


I will assist you in an analysis of the target and the actual situation and in the development of strategies for constructive solutions which also includes implementation and integration into your everyday life.



You are an executive in a private or public organisation?


Irrespective of the scope of responsibilities, any leadership position demands personal stability, farsightedness, self-assertion and empathy.


You have been entrusted with a leadership assignment for the first time and need someone to “have your back”?

You are an experienced executive plunged into turmoil by current challenges?

You are about to implement a project and are looking for support in implementing the process?


Together with you, I will explore the situation, look for suitable approaches to a solution and change potentials and assist you in a creative fresh start with the aid of

·      analyses of the environment

·      development of strategies

·      self-management and leadership strategies

·      change management and process moderation



on three levels: that of inner experience, that of human interactions and that of organisation and your circumstances.



As a competent Management Coach, I will help you master challenging tasks and deal with crises constructively and calmly.