There is friction in your relationship?


Secure connection supports and protects us in a way which creates the strongest and best in ourselves.


In times when we feel insecure and unconnected in our relationships we get stressed. We lack energy, strength, power and the joy of life. It is as if we are stuck in a negative spiral of attack, defence and withdrawal.


More and more couples experience the benefit of professional therapeutical support. It offers a way out of a dead end street. 


One of the best explored and most effective couple therapies is EFT - Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples.   As a student of the Canadian founder of EFT Sue Johnson I am a part of the growing german EFT-Community.


In EFT couples experience: the enemy of the relationship is not your „inadequate“ partner. It is your mutual pattern, your mutual „dance“. Couples learn to sense more deeply. Getting in touch with their own vulnerability helps to slowly break down their protective walls of  attack and withdrawal. They regain their sense of being alive. They feel connected and secure: a fertile soil for growing deeper love and new  passion 


The shared road as a couple might also be coming to an end. If that is the case, it is important to let the partner go without  resentment. To reach this goal, partners learn to value the good parts of their time together, to respect their differences and finally to allow separation without  judging themselves or the other, whilst allowing a space for sadness. Again, unbiased assistance is often valuable.


Emotional Focussed Therapy for Couples offers a promising path to connect with oneself, with one's partner and with others in one's life and to discover a new  way of being together.