Connection of
heart and mind
through professional coaching

Determining one’s own position, communicating and managing authentically, accurately realizing projects.

◊ Recognizing the core of complex situations
◊ Gaining a clear overview of upcoming changes
◊ Finding clarity in emotionally challenging situations

Solution-oriented coaching

Whereas therapy focuses on mental processes, coaching promotes cognitive processes in everyday life and especially in professional contexts. Individual and authentic solutions are developed and implemented for the question at hand.

In a one-to-one coaching we move in the here and now, focussing on professional challenges and accompanying concerns or insecurities. We clarify objectives and sort and develop strands and nodes; is it about your inner attitude, the clarification of relationships or how you manage yourself and your area of responsibility? What are disabling patterns? Is change possibly necessary on more than one level? If so, what are the priorities?

We review and examine your current situation cognitively and emotionally, utilising the creative ‘Gestalt’ approach and the solution-oriented ‘Systemic’ approach.

Our self-image changes, as your thinking, feeling and acting become increasingly interconnected. The way forward becomes clearer and new solutions emerge. Together we outline how to implement these and how they can become effective. In our final discussion, we reflect on the entire process.

As an additional method, using a camera to record certain sessions has proved helpful. Reviewing a recorded interview creates awareness of previous “blind spots” regarding body language and forms of expression. How do you experience yourself? What did you notice? Out of which emotion did you act and speak? In a joint reflection, we work on your way of communicating in a concise and authentic manner.

“After maternity leave and focussing on my family, Ulrike helped me to see more clearly where I wanted to work and how I could achieve that. The re-entry was not easy. Meanwhile, I have a super job and even share  family and job with my husband.”

– Verena

“This coaching has strengthened me immensely: I can distinguish feelings and topics much better. At the same time, I recognized what a big threat I must have been as a younger leader to my older colleague. It’s a much better and smooth work relationship with him now.”

– Patricia

“I was pretty burned out. Through coaching, the fog has lifted. I found the courage to quit my job and I found something much more suitable for me. Today I am much happier and more balanced. Thanks!”

– Andreas