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Connection is a basic principle. To be well connected with one’s self and one’s environment is an absolute prerequisite for a fulfilled life.

Ulrike Schablin


As a psychologist I am particularly fascinated by the question of how we can learn to love. As a moderator, I specialize in breaking down complex content. As a coach, I can lean on my leadership experience in large organizations.

About Me

Creating Connections

Being well connected makes us feel alive. The quality of connections grows through self-knowledge, mindfulness and awareness. Whether you feel like you’re walking in circles or your partnership or job is particularly challenging: “Creating Connections” is the key to change.

My Services
with the other
with oneself
of heart and mind
between people and content
Moving forward means connecting well

Therapy? Coaching? What is the difference? Legitimate question!

The individual therapy focuses on mental processes and the associated personal development potentials. Psychotherapy is also applied to mental illness, whereas coaching is not.

Coaching promotes cognitive processes in everyday life and especially in professional contexts. Individual and authentic solutions are developed and implemented for the question at hand.

Couple Therapy

“It’s really helpful to understand what’s happening between us and why. And to feel how much love there really is.”

Jan (43)

Individual Therapy

“For the first time in therapy, I felt and perceived something that I was not aware of before. I feel much freer now.”

Simon (35)


“Through coaching I realized how I sometimes stand in my own way. I befriended my workload and developed a much better overview, so that my tasks no longer crush me like a giant mountain.”

Hedda (63)


Dr. Karl Gebauer, Leiter der Göttinger Kongresse für Erziehung und Bildung

Current Events

Here you find

  • Upcoming dates for the Hold Me Tight®EFT couples seminars
  • Notes on other current events
  • Radio interviews
  • and last but not least: the “special” to time-off in Bali.
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I will accompany you "face to face" in my rooms in Bad Soden, Falkenstrasse 69 or in Hösbach, Haydnstrasse 4 or online via Zoom, both in German and in English.

Bad Soden

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Tel. 06196-653314

Falkenstr. 69
65812 Bad Soden

Tel. 06021-540584

Haydnstr. 4
63768 Hösbach

I work in both languages, English and German, and am available for sessions via Skype.