Everything and
everyone is connected

Connection is a basic principle. To be well connected with one’s self and one’s environment is an absolute prerequisite for a fulfilled life.


As a psychologist I am particularly fascinated by the question of how we can learn to love. As a moderator, I specialize in breaking down complex content. As a coach, I can lean on my leadership experience in large organizations.

Creating Connections

Being well connected makes us feel alive. The quality of connections grows through self-knowledge, mindfulness and awareness. Whether you feel like you’re walking in circles or your partnership or job is particularly challenging: “Creating Connections” is the key to change.

My Services


with the other

with oneself

of heart and mind

between people and content

To develop means to connect well

Therapy? Coaching? What is the difference? Legitimate question!

The individual therapy focuses on mental processes and the associated personal development potentials. Psychotherapy is also applied to mental illness, whereas coaching is not.

Coaching promotes cognitive processes in everyday life and especially in professional contexts. Individual and authentic solutions are developed and implemented for the question at hand.



Couple Therapy (EFT)

“Thank you, Ulrike, for being there as a therapist and accompanying us on this difficult path. I really appreciate your way of guiding us and I don’t want to know how it would have gone or would go on without your involvement and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great work and your attitude and character as a human being.”

– Hendrik

“It’s really helpful to understand what keeps happening between us and why. And to feel how much love there is actually between us.”

Dorothea & Jan

Individual Therapy

“It’s always a pleasure seeing Ulrike and it’s worth it every single time!  No matter what problems or difficulties are bothering or affecting me: after the session I’m feeling good because then I have  a clear idea of what to do, either to change or accept the circumstances or my own attitudes or both. Ulrike helps me on my path to find myself in such a relaxed way that it is neither uncomfortable nor intrusive. I highly recommand her as a therapist.“

– Dirk


Ulrike’s Coaching made me realize how I sometimes get into my own way. Today I find it much easier to separate between the various areas that I’m covering in my work, so I don’t feel as overwhelmed anymore.

– Hedda


“Very well informed, responsive, attentive, empathetic and approachable to both the panelists and the audience, Ulrike Schneiberg confidently maintains the thread in her moderation.”

– Dr. Karl Gebauer,
Director of the Göttingen Congresses for Education and Training

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  • Upcoming dates for the Hold Me Tight® EFT couples seminars
  • Notes on current events
  • the “special” to time-off in Bali


Intensive for couples

A weekend of couples therapy support.


Therapy in a paradisiacal place on the north coast of Bali.


I accompany you “face to face” in the pleasant and secure atmosphere of my practice rooms in Bad Soden or Hösbach or online via Zoom, in German as well as in English.

Bad Soden