Individual Therapy

with oneself

Enter previously unexplored inner spaces and boldly break new ground.

◊ Use crises as sources of power
◊ Discover recurring patterns of life
◊ Develop an appreciative attitude towards yourself and others

Grow through crises

Conflicts in partnerships, but also within the family or job environments, a loss such as separation, divorce or the death of loved ones, an illness or a serious accident; all these are events that we experience as crises.

In times of crisis, therapeutic support can help to regain the ground under your feet. It can stabilize and bring a new perspective. The passive “I’m living” can evolve to an active “I live“. As your mirror and reflector I accompany you attentively through sometimes impassable inner terrain, while you can have liberating experiences and discoveries. The reward: broadening your perspective, increasing self-responsibility, growing inner freedom and new joie de vivre.

I work with the methodology of Gestalt Therapy. It is part of the humanistic therapeutic procedures and supports a confidence in our fundamental ability to find new answers of our own. In a creative and playful way, the inner and outer become one.

Gestalt therapy as one of the humanistic therapy methods is not yet covered by statutory health insurance. Some private insurers cover a proportion of the costs. As health expenses, they are generally tax deductible.

Single sessions last 60 minutes and usually take place on a weekly basis.

“I would like to say thank you for your wonderful support in my new path, for giving me strength, courage and understanding.”

– Rita

„In intensive individual work, I have been able to gain experience that has helped me a lot in my personal family dynamics and my grief.”

– Peter

„For the first time in therapy, I could feel and perceive something that I was not aware of before. I’ve been feeling a lot freer since.”

– Simon